It’s all about quality!  We don’t want to be like anyone else, were Italian!  I remember Nona

in the cucina all morning every Sunday preparing for the family meal that afternoon.

She grew the herbs and tomatoes on the roof and we made the pasta by hand and dried it

out on racks in the wall fire pit.  Lake Havasu City, AZ is nothing like Bari, Italy but we

can sure make some great food.  From the fresh Top Sirloin in our Pepper Steak to my

homemade Meatball Sauce which I derived from my Braciole Sauce.  Even the Egg and

Chicken Salad we make ourselves.  Lets not forget our famous homemade Potato Salad

and Red Cabbage Salad.  So yes, we pride ourselves on quality.  Things are a little different

in our kitchen but that’s what makes it special.  I try to put a little of the old world

into everything we make.  Ciao!

Michelle Panarelli Pepper